Covid Vaccine Adverse Effects

Hearing with Senator Ron Johnson, Dr. Ryan Cole and a speaker on behalf of three whistleblowers: Lt. Colonel Dr. Theresa Long DO MPH, Dr. Samuel Sigoloff DO, and Lt. Colonel Dr. Peter Chambers DO and Flight Surgeon. Under penalty of perjury:

Evidence shows:

  • Miscarriages up almost 300% over the five year average
  • almost 300% increase in Cancer
  • 1000% (ten times) increase in neurological disorders 82,000 to 863,000 in one year
  • Soldiers experimented on and killed
  • Doctors suspended for using approved substances or for giving medical exemptions including pregnancy
  • Project Salice takes data to CDC
  • DoD document states:
    • 71% of new cases are fully vaccinated
    • 60% of hospitalized are fully vaccinated