Covid Vaccine Adverse Effects

Hearing with Senator Ron Johnson, Dr. Ryan Cole and a speaker on behalf of three whistleblowers: Lt. Colonel Dr. Theresa Long DO MPH, Dr. Samuel Sigoloff DO, and Lt. Colonel Dr. Peter Chambers DO and Flight Surgeon. Under penalty of perjury:

Evidence shows:

  • Miscarriages up almost 300% over the five year average
  • almost 300% increase in Cancer
  • 1000% (ten times) increase in neurological disorders 82,000 to 863,000 in one year
  • Soldiers experimented on and killed
  • Doctors suspended for using approved substances or for giving medical exemptions including pregnancy
  • Project Salice takes data to CDC
  • DoD document states:
    • 71% of new cases are fully vaccinated
    • 60% of hospitalized are fully vaccinated

Dr Andreas Noack warns about tiny razor blades in Covid Jabs


Dr. Andreas Noack, a German chemist and a graphene expert, revealed that each of the most popular jabs contained “nano sized razor blades” made of graphene hydroxide, a material with “zero biological degradability” and “the sharpest imaginable structures because they are only one atom layer thick”.

The German doctor added “If you understand that razors are being injected, it is clear why all the cardiovascular diseases appear. The heart is cut up. The brain is cut up. Blood vessels are cut up. You see people collapse immediately after vaccination and have a seizure. Even if people don’t drop dead immediately, it cuts up the blood vessels little by little. It destroys the heart. All the heart attacks. All the strokes.”

Dr. Noack continued: “If you want to inject a whole population by force, you have to do your homework extremely carefully. Because if there is something wrong in the injection, you will kill the whole population of the country. Any doctor who, after this information is now public, continues to inject this, is a murderer.”

The doctor then said of Austria’s top government doctor “They are the first to impose a vaccine mandate. They are are killing the whole Austrian nation. He will walk in Hitler’s footsteps. And if you continue, I promise you, no court in the world will save you.”

A few hours after posting his passionate video warning to the world, Dr. Noack mysteriously died. Many believe he was murdered. But the “Facebook fact-checkers” say that he had a heart attack. His video was deleted from Youtube and other sites. We downloaded the video because, in the video, Dr. Noack begged for as many people as possible to duplicate and re-post the video.

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