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Police vs Freedom Seekers in Ottawa, Canada

Global News Trucker protests: Police continue enforcement action against demonstrators in Ottawa, Canada Streamed live on Feb 19, 2022. NOTE: Stream was a raw feed from a protest site and may contain language that is not suitable for all viewers. Discretion is advised. Ottawa police continued an operation Saturday to clear out the so-called “Freedom …

Peaceful Protesters face Police Brutality

https://youtu.be/s7U0-zsDhMg Video from reporter Marcel Irnie Irnie Racing News: Feb.18, 2022 This video depicts peaceful protestors proudly singing Canada’s national anthem on Wellington Street in Ottawa. The evidence shows: A woman yelling “How dare you?… You should be ashamed… Shame on you!” was silenced with pepper spray. 13:00 the crowd chants “freedom” and “liberte” 14:00 …

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