Police vs Freedom Seekers in Ottawa, Canada

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Trucker protests: Police continue enforcement action against demonstrators in Ottawa, Canada

Streamed live on Feb 19, 2022. NOTE: Stream was a raw feed from a protest site and may contain language that is not suitable for all viewers. Discretion is advised.

Ottawa police continued an operation Saturday to clear out the so-called “Freedom Convoy” that has been encamped for 22 days in the nation’s capital. More than 100 protesters, including four key organizers, have been arrested and at least 21 vehicles towed.

Police said Saturday afternoon that they had deployed “a chemical irritant” on demonstrators to stop “assaultive behaviour.” They said demonstrators wearing body armour and carrying smoke grenades had been arrested.

The push comes as federal officials announced $20 million in funding for local businesses forced to close by the protests. Officials said 76 bank accounts worth $3.2 million have been frozen over ties to the protest, under the powers of the Emergencies Act.

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Peaceful Protesters face Police Brutality


Video from reporter Marcel Irnie

Irnie Racing News: Feb.18, 2022

This video depicts peaceful protestors proudly singing Canada’s national anthem on Wellington Street in Ottawa.

The evidence shows:

A woman yelling “How dare you?… You should be ashamed… Shame on you!” was silenced with pepper spray.

13:00 the crowd chants “freedom” and “liberte”
14:00 the police push their batons into the
15:00 the police push harder and yell “back up”. The protestors respond “we are peaceful… hold the line… we are not breaking the law… we are allowed to be here.”
16:00 police shove harder 16:30 Someone falls. “I’ll help you up”
18:00 Police yells “You supposed to be peaceful so move”
19:00 A rude protestor calls an office a “joke” and a “clown”
20:00 Crowd chants “shame”

Covid Vaccine Adverse Effects

Hearing with Senator Ron Johnson, Dr. Ryan Cole and a speaker on behalf of three whistleblowers: Lt. Colonel Dr. Theresa Long DO MPH, Dr. Samuel Sigoloff DO, and Lt. Colonel Dr. Peter Chambers DO and Flight Surgeon. Under penalty of perjury:

Evidence shows:

  • Miscarriages up almost 300% over the five year average
  • almost 300% increase in Cancer
  • 1000% (ten times) increase in neurological disorders 82,000 to 863,000 in one year
  • Soldiers experimented on and killed
  • Doctors suspended for using approved substances or for giving medical exemptions including pregnancy
  • Project Salice takes data to CDC
  • DoD document states:
    • 71% of new cases are fully vaccinated
    • 60% of hospitalized are fully vaccinated